How are vaults accessed after the primary holder has passed?

We'll work with your executor to ensure your bitcoin are transferred safely.

One of our goals here at Unchained Capital is to have lifelong relationships with our clients and their families. In the event of your death, if your executor contacts Unchained, we will guide them through the process of ensuring your bitcoin are secure for the next generation.

What will your executor need?

Your executor will need relevant documents from your local Surrogate or probate office as proof they have been appointed executor under your will. Your executor will also need to find at least one of your private keys—either a hardware wallet and PIN or a seed phrase backup.

Consider an Unchained account titled to a trust

Additionally, if you have had a trust prepared, we can title an Unchained account to that trust at your request. With respect to any Unchained accounts titled to a trust, our team will work hand-in-hand with your trustee as needed.

Learn more

If you need more help with bitcoin inheritance planning, you should read our ultimate guide to inheritance planning on a bitcoin standard and our full guide on how to set up a bitcoin inheritance plan with an Unchained vault.