How will my loan collateral be stored?

We offer two options to securely store your loan collateral.

Unchained Capital secures collateral with multisignature addresses in a 2-of-3 quorum using private keys distributed across multiple cities and authorized signing staff. 


Our multi-institution model is the most secure and trust-minimized option. There are three key holders: Kingdom Trust, Unchained Capital, and the borrower.  To move any collateral stored at this address, two of the three keys will be required to sign.

Holding a key to your loan allows you to get your collateral back faster, gives you the ability to check your collateral address on a hardware wallet, and eliminates Unchained Capital as a single point of failure for your bitcoin.

Single institution

With single-institution, Unchained Capital will hold all three keys and fully sign transactions for each collateral movement.

Note: Choosing this model requires setting up 2FA on your account as well as identity and intent verification.  Video verifications are required within the loan’s transaction page for each refund of collateral.