If I conduct a key replacement, will my vaults be negatively affected?

No, we handle everything in the background.

Your Unchained account makes it easy for you to swap one of your keys for a new one when a key becomes compromised or lost. But if you replace a key, will this interrupt any vaults you've created that are associated with this key?

Your vaults will appear as you left them with the same name and balances but with the newly-replaced key as part of the quorum. In the background, Unchained handles all the heavy lifting of removing the compromised key and creating a new 2-of-3 quorum of keys for you to deposit safely. Depending on your situation, you may have to sign a sweep transaction.

To learn more about key replacements and how they work behind the scenes, see our blog article.

Note: If you previously secured your multisig wallet config file, you will have to download and secure a new one after the key replacement for each vault. You should also update any whitelisted addresses that your exchange is remembering for you, by replacing it with a new address generated from your vault after the key replacement is complete.