What are pre-funded & post-funded trades and how do they work?

Pre-funding allows you to execute larger trades.

The Unchained trading desk allows clients to execute purchases before you even wire us the funds. These "post-funded" trades are subject to our maximum trade amounts. If you intend to make a larger trade above the maximum, you may be required to send us the funds in advance. This is "pre-funding" your trade.

You must fund all purchases via wire transfer using the bank account and name listed in your Unchained account.

Tip: For step-by-step video instructions on executing a trade, view our trading guide.

When pre-funding a trade:

  • We may require pre-funding for trades over $100,000.
  • We will adjust your trading limits up to your pre-funded amount once we receive your wire.
  • Please wire funds according to our standard wiring instructions. If you do not know the wiring instructions, email us at clientservices@unchained.com.

When settling a post-funded trade:

  • Once you execute a trade, we will provide you with wiring instructions.
  • If you trade before 3:00 PM CT, the wire deadline is 5:00 PM United States Central Time (CT) on that day.
  • If you trade after 3:00 PM CT, the wire deadline is 5:00 PM CT of the next business day.
  • If you miss the wire deadline, the bitcoin settlement process will be suspended until the funds clear.
  • If we do not receive your wire within the timeframe referenced above, we may cancel your trade. You may be liable for any losses, fees, and costs we have incurred, including losses due to bitcoin price decreases for a trade we executed at your request.

Note: Our business hours are 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CT, Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays).