How much does a client-controlled vault cost?

There is no setup or annual fees for personal vaults.

Individual client-controlled vaults are free to use. The following fees are charged if you need extra support from our team:

  • Concierge Onboarding, $350: Our team will use a video call to guide you through the first-time setup of your keys and vault.
  • Hardware Wallets, $75: You can bundle Trezor Model Ones with your onboarding for an additional fee.
  • Inheritance Protocol, $200: Bundled with the Concierge Onboarding package for no additional charge, the Inheritance Protocol can be purchased separately.
  • Premium Support, $250: If you need advanced support on a live video call, our technical team is happy to help!
  • Unchained Signatures, $20: We charge a small fee if you require Unchained to sign a transaction with our backup key.

Note: Prices for business and IRA accounts may differ. Visit our Pricing Page for more information.