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Can I use the same hardware device with different vaults?

You can create as many vaults and loans as you would like by uploading two keys to Unchained Capital. These devices can upload multiple extended public keys for use in a personal and retirement/business context.

If you upload multiple keys using the same hardware wallet (for a personal account and an IRA account for example), you will have to change the BIP32 path. When uploading a new account key, in the "Export Extended Public Key" section, there is a “Show advanced” button in the right hand corner. This allows you to specify your BIP32 path. Keep in mind, the same BIP32 path cannot be uploaded twice. Choose a BIP32 path that has not been used yet. You can change the BIP32 Path by changing the third depth number. 

As a guide you can copy & paste: m/45'/0'/[third depth]' and select a new number in the third depth for your new key.  e.g m/45'/0'/1' if it's the second time you're uploading a key from the same device (0 being the fist used.)

This will allow for you to use the same hardware wallet in different account contexts, but please be aware you will always need to update the BIP32 path to the correct key, if you lose this information or cannot remember it, it is possible you could lose access to your funds.  You can store the wallet configuration information by following these instructions: https://unchained-capital.com/blog/external-spend-workflow/.