What is Caravan and how do I use it?

Caravan is Unchained Capital's stateless, open-source multisig wallet tool. Caravan was designed as a recovery tool from vaults and loans, and as a standalone multisignature wallet tool for anonymous bitcoiners. You can use it with configured Trezors, COLDCARD, or Ledgers without installing additional software: Caravan

Caravan makes bitcoin multisig custody easier and safer through transparency and standards.

Caravan is a coordination software for multisig addresses and wallets. Caravan can be used to build a multisig wallet derived from xpubs, or individual multisig addresses derived from pubkeys. In both cases, in order to transact from the wallet or address, you must also have your private keys and BIP32 paths.

Caravan is stateless. It does not itself store any data outside your current browser session. You must safe keep the wallet details (xpubs, BIP32 paths) and addresses (redeem scripts, BIP32 paths) that you create.