What are the fees for Unchained business accounts?

Fees vary depending on how many users you add to an account.

Unchained business accounts have a yearly fee. This fee is for the maintenance and servicing required for these accounts and is charged when you initially set up the account.  We will not approve your account until you pay the first year annual fee.

Note: If you have multiple accounts (e.g. a personal account, IRA account, or trust account), each account will be billed separately. The following fees only apply to business accounts.

The fee rates for business accounts are as follows:

  • Basic businesses accounts with one user: $250/year
  • Basic business accounts with two users: $500/year
  • Pro business accounts with 3-5 users: $2500/year
  • Enterprise accounts with 6+ users: Contact us for custom pricing


Tip: We also offer Concierge Onboarding for businesses if you need help setting up your vault or need to purchase hardware wallets.