How do I configure my Coldcard to sign for withdrawals?

You must import your Coldcard configuration file to your Coldcard before it can sign for withdrawals.

For any multisig wallet, a Coldcard must be initialized before it is able to sign a transaction. This means importing information about how the multisig wallet was constructed, so that the device has context for what it may be asked to sign.

Importing the information is done using a Coldcard configuration file.

Finding the file within an Unchained vault

  1. Navigate to the Vault tools menu within your vault.
  2. Find the menu item about Coldcard Configuration, then click View.
  3. Download the Coldcard configuration file.

How to import the file into your Coldcard

  1. Move the Coldcard configuration file from your downloads folder onto a microSD card (or directly to your connected Mk4).
  2. Remove the microSD card from the computer and plug it into your Coldcard.
  3. On your Coldcard homescreen, select Settings, then Multisig Wallets.
  4. Select Import from SD or Import from File.
  5. The Coldcard will find the file. Select OK (the checkmark button), then select the file.
  6. Review the multisig wallet and select OK.
  7. Once it says saved, you can hit OK and you will be taken back to the Multisig Wallets menu, with one line displaying "2/3: [your vault ID]".
  8. Now your Coldcard can sign partially signed bitcoin transactions (PSBTs) produced by the vault! You may delete the file from your microSD card and disconnect your Coldcard.

If you are looking for general information about spending from your vault, see our guide on how to securely spend.

For more details on setting up an Unchained vault using Coldcards, check out our in-depth walkthrough