Concierge Onboarding vs. Self onboarding - which is right for you?

When setting up your Unchained IRA, you have the option to set up your IRA vault with support from our Concierge team or to set up the vault yourself. Here are the differences.

Concierge Onboarding:

Includes a one-hour video call with a bitcoin expert to:
  • Set up hardware wallets
  • Build your IRA vault
  • Discuss best security practices
  • Backup your wallet configuration file
  • Go through recovery training
  • Answer any questions you may have


  • This option is ideal for existing Unchained vault users, or for individuals who have experience with hardware wallets and multi-signature custody.
  • You'll need two hardware devices (of the type supported by Unchained) in your possession that are initialized, backed up, and have updated firmware.
  • You'll need to be comfortable building an Unchained vault and not require additional help.

If you are new to bitcoin or hardware wallets, we highly recommend using our Concierge Onboarding service. 

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