How do I perform a firmware update on my Coldcard?

Update your Coldcard for the latest updates and security improvements.

Performing routine firmware updates on your devices can provide new features and added security to your hardware wallets. For the latest changes and news regarding firmware updates, visit the manufacturers' website for Coldcard

Video guide

Watch this short video for a quick run-through of how to update the firmware on your Coldcard. Below, you'll find complete written instructions.

What you'll need

To update the firmware of your Coldcard, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • Your Coldcard hardware wallet 
  • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your hardware wallets
  • A Micro SD card

How to check current firmware on your device

  1. In your Coldcard main menu, navigate the Advanced menu after you enter your PIN. 
  2. Use the checkmark to select Upgrade, then Show version.
  3. Compare this version against the latest version on Coldcard's website.

How to update the firmware of your device

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the .dfu file and download the latest firmware onto a microSD card.
  3. Load the microSD card into the Coldcard device.
  4. From the main menu of your Coldcard, scroll down to Advanced and use the checkmark to select Upgrade.
  5. Select From microSD.
  6. Confirm you're sure by using the checkmark button.

Congratulations! Your Coldcard will flash green and restart with the new firmware installed.