How do I perform a firmware update on my Ledger device?

Update your Ledger for the latest updates and security improvements.

Performing routine firmware updates on your devices can provide new features and added security to your hardware wallets. For the latest changes and news regarding firmware updates, visit the manufacturers' website for Ledger

Video guide

Watch this short video for a quick run-through of how to update the firmware on your Ledger. Below, you'll find complete written instructions.

What you'll need

To update the firmware of your Ledger, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • Your Ledger hardware wallet 
  • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your hardware wallets
  • A USB cable
  • Ledger Live installed on your computer

How to update your firmware for your Ledger. 

  1. Plug your Ledger device into your PC with the USB cable and enter your PIN.
  2. Navigate to the Manager menu in Ledger Live.
  3. Select Update firmware on the orange banner displayed along the top of the screen. 
  4. Verify that you can recover with your seed phrase before proceeding. 
  5. Match the Identifier numbers on your computer screen with the numbers on your Ledger.
  6. Press the right button twice on your Ledger to confirm the numbers match, then press both buttons at once to confirm.
  7. You will have to enter your PIN again.
  8. Allow your device to enter bootloader mode, restart, and enter your PIN one more time.
  9. Select Install apps to select the bitcoin app and install it back on your Ledger.

Once the installation is complete, your Ledger firmware has successfully been updated.