How do I perform a firmware update on my Trezor device?

Update your Trezor for the latest updates and security improvements.

Performing routine firmware updates can provide new features and added security to your hardware wallets. For the latest changes and news regarding firmware updates, visit the manufacturers' website for Trezor

What you'll need

To update your Trezor firmware, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • Your Trezor hardware wallet 
  • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your hardware wallets
  • A USB cable

How to update your firmware for your Trezor. 

  1. With your Trezor plugged in and the PIN already added, navigate to the Trezor firmware update page.
  2. Click Install firmware
  3. Verify that you can recover with your seed phrase before proceeding. 
  4. Enter bootloader mode by disconnecting your Trezor and plugging the cable back in while swiping your fingers across the touchscreen.
  5. On your Trezor, select the green button to connect to the host.
  6. On your web browser, click Install firmware to begin the installation.
  7. Back on the Trezor, select the green button.

You will see a loading bar on your web browser and a loading bar on the Trezor. Once the installation is complete, your Trezor will restart itself. Congratulations; your Trezor software has successfully been updated.