How do the fees for the Unchained IRA work?

Better understand our pricing structure and where fees are paid from

There are three components to Unchained IRA fees:

  • Setup fees
  • Annual account fees
  • Bitcoin conversion fees

If you would like personal assistance with setting up your IRA multisig vault, there are also additional Concierge Onboarding fees to consider. 

A breakdown of the fees can be found below.



When paid

Paid from

IRA setup fee


At setup

Personal funds

Annual IRA account fee


At setup, then once per year

Personal funds

Bitcoin conversion fee


At transfer, rollover, or contribution

Retirement funds

Concierge Onboarding (optional)


At setup

Personal funds

Per hardware wallet (optional)


At setup

Personal funds

How much will I be charged at point of order?

At the point of order, you will be charged the setup fee ($745) plus the first year IRA account fee $250) for a total of $995. If you opt for Concierge Onboarding ($250) plus two hardware wallets ($150), you will pay an additional $400, for a total of $1,395.

The IRA account fee ($250) will subsequently be automatically charged every 12 months thereafter.

Is it possible to pay the Unchained IRA fees from my retirement account?

Only bitcoin conversion fees are paid from your retirement account. For example, on a $100,000 IRA transfer, there would be an Unchained trading fee of $500 (100,000 * 0.5% = 500), and $99,500 would be converted into BTC and deposited into your IRA vault. 

The setup fee, annual account fees, and Concierge Onboarding fee must be paid from your personal funds. 

See the table at the top of the article for a full breakdown of where each fee should be paid from.

If I set up multiple bitcoin IRAs do I need to pay multiple setup fees?

Each Unchained IRA you set up will require a separate setup fee and account fee. For example, if you set up three IRAs, the total amount due at the point of order would be ($745 + $250) * 3 = $2,985, and each subsequent year you would pay $750 in account fees.

Concierge Onboarding fees only need to be paid once—we'll guide you through setting up multiple vaults, and two hardware wallets can be used to secure as many vaults as you need.


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