How can I monitor the health of my loan?

View the Collateral Management card to check the health of your loan in real time.

How to find the Collateral Management card

  1. Sign in to your Unchained account.
  2. Navigate to your loan by clicking its ID on your account dashboard. You can also select your loan from the Loans page in the left menu.
  3. On the loan page, you'll see a card on the left side of the page titled Collateral management.


An example of a loan with "Excellent" health status

Getting to know your Collateral Management card

There are three primary sections of the Collateral management card: Collateral balance, Margin call price, and Collateral to principal.

Here's what these three important numbers mean:

  1. Collateral balance shows the current balance of your collateral and the amount that will be returned to you when your loan is closed. This number will fluctuate if you deposit more bitcoin, request a redemption, or if a liquidation occurs to pay down the principal. 
  2. Margin call price shows the price of bitcoin that would put your loan into a margin call. At that time, you will need to bring your collateral-to-principal ratio back up to 165% in order to resolve the margin call.
  3. Collateral to principal (CTP) shows the ratio of your loan’s collateral value to the principal amount. This is the inverse of loan-to-value (LTV) for a loan.

Health status bar

The middle of the card contains a color coded status bar that provides a visual representation of your loan’s CTP. You can hover over the different sections of the status bar to see what state your loan’s CTP would be in at various bitcoin price levels.



An example loan with "Acceptable" health status

Add collateral

The bottom section of the card provides buttons to take action on your loan’s collateral. These action buttons will be your starting point for adding or withdrawing collateral as well as clearing margin calls.