Why do I have a new vault address for each deposit?

All your addresses are controlled by your vault keys.

Constructing a multisig vault means building a series of addresses, not just one. All the addresses shown to you are controlled by the active keys in your vault. Providing a new address for every deposit helps with bitcoin privacy best practices to avoid address reuse. Your vault balance will reflect the total amount of bitcoin deposited across all of the addresses from your current wallet.

How to view your complete address history

  1. Sign in to your Unchained dashboard.
  2. Click Vaults and navigate to the proper vault in the Unchained dashboard.
  3. Click View Details to see your balance history.

That's it! You can copy and paste these addresses or view them on a block explorer by clicking the three dots on the right side of an address.

Tip: You can deposit to previously-used addresses in your address history. This can be used to whitelist addresses on an exchange or set automatic withdrawals.