Where can I report bugs?

Bugs are inevitable. The good news is that good reporting of bugs will help us improve our product which in turn will improve your experience when using the product.

For clients encountering an issue:

If you happen to spot a bug, please email us detailed instructions of what you were trying to do, which operating system you are using, the web browser and/or hardware wallet you are trying to use, and the behavior of the system. You can email us at hello@unchained.com. We will review the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

For ethical hackers reporting a vulnerability:

To report your findings. Email Responsible.Disclosure@unchained.com. Please include detailed instructions on how to recreate the issue as well as the browsers, operating systems, and hardware wallets affected. Screenshots are helpful. If you report something that we are vulnerable to and do a good job communicating to us why we're vulnerable, the impact of the exposure, and what we should do to fix it, we're open to rewarding you for your efforts.