How can I confirm the identity of an Unchained employee over the phone?

Support PINs help clients and Unchained staff verify one another over phone and video calls.

Support pins help both clients and Unchained representatives verify one another over phone and video communications. Support pins help combat common phishing attacks and scams where attackers pretend to be an Unchained employee to trick you into sending them bitcoin or revealing personal information.

Support PINs reset every two minutes, so you can not save these PINs and should not use them over email. If you have questions about the legitimacy of an email, you can call us or start a new email thread with Do not reply or click on links if you receive a suspicious email.

Caution: Unchained staff will never ask for your account password, 2FA code, hardware wallet PIN, or seed phrase. We may ask for your email address, phone number, support PIN, or other information to verify your identity.

To access support pins, navigate to the support page while signed in to your account.

Support page on desktop browsers:

Support page on the Unchained mobile app:

How to verify an Unchained employee

As a client, you should request the Unchained representative you are speaking with provide you with their PIN so that you can verify their access. 

  1. Navigate to the support page while signed into your account.
  2. Enter the PIN provided to you into the Unchained PIN text field.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Click Close after verifying the Unchained PIN. If the PIN provided fails, try again. If the PIN fails a second time, we recommend hanging up and calling our support line immediately to report a potential phishing attack. 

How Unchained will verify you

Your client support PIN confirms, among other verification steps, to the Unchained representative that you have access to your account and that they can proceed forward in helping you. You should ask the Unchained representative for their PIN before providing yours.