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What is the Unchained Inheritance Protocol?

The Unchained Inheritance Protocol is a guide to passing down bitcoin to future generations.

Bitcoin is designed as a long-term savings asset, but preparing to pass your bitcoin down through future generations requires more than just transferring the private keys to your bitcoin.

We designed the Unchained Inheritance Protocol to help you quickly and easily solve the following problems: 

  • How do I ensure that my loved ones will be able to access my bitcoin in the event of my demise, especially if they are less technical?
  • How can I maintain my financial privacy and avoid creating a single point of failure for my bitcoin while I am still alive?
  • How do I find an estate planner who can help me write an effective will or trust?

A complete inheritance solution ensures that your intended loved ones get possession of your keys and valid title to your bitcoin under the terms of your estate planning documents. If a loved one has physical possession of the keys but your estate plan doesn’t grant them good title, an unintended beneficiary can sue that loved one for possession and other damages. Properly planning for possession and title will save your family and estate from a possible arduous and extended legal process when the time comes.

Unchained Inheritance Protocol contents

Key succession and transfer-of-title checklist: Walks you through individual steps to take with the rest of the inheritance materials.

Executor/trustee letter A: Introduces the responsibility of protecting a bitcoin key to be read by the executor upon delivery of the key while you are still alive.

Executor/trustee letter B: Walks an executor through the bitcoin recovery steps and is only to be opened upon your death or incapacitation.

Unchained inheritance seed phrase card: To be used to write down a copy of a seed phrase that protects the Unchained vault(s) that you would like the executor to recover.

Envelope: An envelope where you seal the Unchained inheritance seed phrase and executor letter B once they are filled out.

Tamper-evident bag: To protect the envelope containing the Unchained inheritance seed phrase and executor letter B.

Estate planner evaluation questions: To help you interview potential estate planners to assist with forming your estate plan.