What are the different roles for business account users?

Roles allow you to give select permissions to different users

There are four different roles you can assign to your business account users. Only the "Owner" role can edit the number of users, set an approver quorum, and view wallet configuration files.

  Admin Approver Viewer
View balances and transaction history
Cancel transaction
Approve transaction

Approve user changes

Add users

 ❌  ❌

Edit user roles

 ❌  ❌

Edit approver quorum settings

 ❌  ❌
Initiate transaction
Sign transaction
Broadcast transaction
Perform key checks
Rekey vaults
Create loans

Buy bitcoin Can be enabled by the account Owner
View wallet configuration file
Register hardware wallets

How do I change the roles for my business account users?

  1. Sign in to your Unchained account.
  2. Navigate to the business account you want to change. You can swap between accounts by clicking the profile icon in the lower-left corner of the page.
  3. Click Account settings then Manage users.
  4. Click on the role of the user and select the new role from the dropdown.