Why am I getting a new deposit address for my loan?

Using a new address for each deposit helps enhance your privacy.

Our system generates a new address for you after each loan deposit you make—a well-established bitcoin best practice to help improve your privacy. Doing this for each deposit keeps transactions separated on-chain, making it more difficult for malicious actors to discern the purpose and identity associated with each transaction.

You can view your loan’s address history by clicking on the three-dot menu on your loan account page and clicking View wallet history. From there you can click View wallet to see its associated addresses.

Can I use the same address more than once?

If you have whitelisted an address at an exchange for the purposes of making deposits to Unchained, you can continue to make deposits to that address. This, however, does link all the deposits together on-chain, reducing privacy.

What happens if I make a transfer to one of my old addresses?

If you make a deposit to a previously-used vault address, your deposit will still arrive, but you should ensure that you still possess the private key for that address and can sign transactions.