How do I edit an approver quorum?

Changes to the approver quorum require permission from your existing users.

An approver quorum must authorize certain security-sensitive operations like creating a bitcoin transaction, adding a user, or changing user permissions. “Admin” and “Approver” roles can approve; users with the “Viewer” role can not. Approver quorums are enabled by default on business and trust accounts with at least two users with approval permissions.

How to edit an approver quorum

  1. Sign in to your Unchained business account.
  2. Click Account settings on the bottom-left side of the screen and select Manage users.

  3. Designate roles for your users. Click Edit users and settings and click a user's role to change it.
  4. Optional: You can make approval quorums required for any outgoing transaction even when you don't request Unchained's key to sign.
  5. When finished editing, select Done editing.
  6. Changes require approval from the existing quorum. Click Submit to notify your approvers of the change.