How do I set a transaction approver quorum?

A transaction approver quorum can only be set by the account owner.

A quorum must approve all outgoing bitcoin transactions before you can sign with your keys. “Owner,” “Admin,” and “Approver” roles can approve transactions. Users with the “Viewer” role can not.

Note: Once set, the transaction approver quorum can only be turned off by the owner after video verification by our team. Contact us to disable the approver quorum.

How to set a transaction approver quorum

  1. Sign in to your Unchained business account.
  2. Click Account settings on the bottom-left side of the screen and select Manage members.
  3. Designate roles for your users. Click on an account member’s role to change it. You can not enable a quorum until you have at least two account members with approval permissions.
  4. Set the toggle to Enable under the “Require outgoing transactions be approved by a quorum?” option.
  5. Select Yes, enable.
  6. Pick a number to set the quorum size.

That’s it! Outgoing transaction will now require approval from multiple team members.