How do I take a distribution from my Unchained IRA?

Contact us to begin a formal withdrawal from your IRA.

You may take IRA distributions in either cash or bitcoin. Either way, you must use at least one of your hardware wallets to sign the withdrawal transaction. However, you should not initiate the withdrawal transaction without contacting us first. Please email us at to begin the distribution process. Answer the following questions in your email:

  1. If you have multiple IRAs, for example a traditional and a Roth IRA, which account would you like to withdraw from?
  2. Do you plan to take a partial distribution or withdraw the entire account?
    • If you withdraw the entire account, please tell us whether you want to close your Unchained IRA or keep it open.
  3. Do you want to take the distribution as cash or bitcoin?

After receiving your email, the IRA team will contact you with the next steps to complete the distribution process.

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