How do I securely spend from my vault?

Learn how to use your two keys to spend from an Unchained vault.

Sending bitcoin with a singlesig wallet is a common way to move bitcoin around. Unchained has made the process of sending bitcoin from a multisig wallet requiring two signatures just as easy.  Keep reading for more.

Video guide

Watch this short video for a quick run-through of the process of securely spending from your Unchained Capital vault. Below, you'll find complete written instructions.

HubSpot Video

What you'll need

To securely spend from your Unchained Capital vault, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • Your two hardware wallets (Unchained supports Trezor, Ledger, and Coldcard)
  • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your hardware wallets
  • An active Unchained Tier 2 account with two keys uploaded and vault built
  • A destination address to send your bitcoin e.g. an exchange or external wallet

How to spend from an Unchained multisig vault

  1. Log in to your Unchained account.
  2. Navigate to the vault you want to withdraw from and click Withdraw.
  3. Enter the recipient address into the address field and click Next.
  4. Choose the amount of bitcoin you wish to send and the fee rate.
  5. Select the two keys you want to provide the signature.
  6. Look over the Withdrawal Summary to confirm the details of the transaction are accurate. Then select Create Withdrawal.
  7. Now that the transaction is authored use the correct hardware wallet and follow the prompts on the screen to sign with your first key.
  8. Select the second key you want to sign with and follow the prompts to produce the second signature. 
  9. You're ready to broadcast the transaction by selecting Broadcast.

Your transaction has now been securely broadcasted to the blockchain and is ready to be mined.

Warning: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once broadcasted, it will be picked up by miners and no changes can be made.