I would like Unchained to sign my transaction, how does this work?

Getting Unchained to sign a transaction takes only a few clicks.

You can request Unchained Capital to sign a transaction if one of your private keys is inaccessible. We will sign the transaction within 72 hours (most within 24 hours).

Note: Remember that using Unchained as a second signer requires you to author and broadcast the transaction yourself.

What you'll need

To make a deposit, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • Unchained Capital tier-2 account
  • two keys uploaded to the platform
  • a vault with funds

How to select Unchained as a second signer

  1. Navigate to your vaults dashboard.
  2. Select the vault you want to initiate the transaction from.
  3. Click on Withdraw and author a transaction.
  4. Select one of your keys and the Unchained key and click next.
  5. Review the transaction and click Create transaction.
  6. Sign with your key.
  7. Broadcast your transaction after email confirmation of Unchained signature.

After you have signed, Unchained will sign the second signature within 72 hours. When the two signatures have been collected, you will broadcast the transaction to the blockchain.