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Where does Unchained lend?

We offer wide coverage across most U.S. states for business loans.

Note: As of January 1, 2024, Unchained does not originate consumer loans and will only originate loans to entities (such as LLCs and corporations) with stated business/investment purposes.

Tip: If you're a new client at Unchained you can sign up for a free consultation to learn more. We also offer our Concierge Onboarding service if you need help setting up your keys, vault, or loan.

Business entities may apply for loans in the states shown below. This information is subject to change at any time. We are constantly expanding our reach and hope to work with more borrowers across the country soon.

State Availability
Alabama Business
Alaska Business, in amounts greater than $25,000
Arizona Business
Arkansas Business
California Business
Colorado Business
Connecticut Business
District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) Business, in amounts greater than $25,000
Delaware Business, in amounts greater than $100,000
Florida Business
Georgia Business
Hawaii Business
Idaho Business
Illinois Business
Indiana Business
Iowa Business
Kansas Business
Kentucky Business, in amounts greater than $15,000
Louisiana Not available
Maine Business
Maryland Business, in amounts greater than $15,000
Massachusetts Business
Michigan Business
Minnesota Business, in amounts greater than $100,000
Mississippi Business
Missouri Business
Montana Not available
Nebraska Business
Nevada Not available
New Hampshire Business
New Jersey Business, in amounts greater than $50,000
New Mexico Not available
New York Not available
North Carolina Business
North Dakota Not available
Ohio Business
Oklahoma Business
Oregon Business, in amounts greater than $50,000
Pennsylvania Business
Rhode Island Business
South Carolina Business
South Dakota Not available
Tennessee Not available
Texas Business
Utah Business
Vermont Business, in amounts greater than $1,000,000
Virginia Business
Washington Business
West Virginia Business
Wisconsin Business
Wyoming Business

Business loans

Clients may apply for business loans in most U.S. states. Commercial loans may be used for legitimate business purposes such as funding business expansion, freeing up working capital, or helping consolidate business debt.

California loans

A married or registered domestic partner applicant may apply for a separate account. Loans to California borrowers may be made pursuant to California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Financing Law License No. 60DBO-78867.

Puerto Rico

Unfortunately, loans are not available in Puerto Rico.