What is Unchained’s role in helping my heirs inherit bitcoin?

Unchained assists heirs inheriting bitcoin by providing a signature from one of the private keys associated with bitcoin in an Unchained vault. Two things are required if a client wishes to reliably pass bitcoin to inheritors: legal title and key succession. 

Legal title: Unchained will only assist clients that we are legally allowed to. Upon your passing, Unchained will need to receive a death certificate and probate, trust, or other documentation showing the transfer of legal title to your executor, trustee, or in the case of an IRA, death beneficiary. Establishing an estate plan is a crucial step in effectively transferring legal title. Please consult an estate planning attorney to determine the proper course of action for your situation.

Key succession: Even with a proper succession of legal title, the bitcoin network plays by its own set of unbreakable rules. In the case of Unchained vaults, two keys are always required to move the bitcoin and Unchained only holds one. Therefore, clients absolutely must have a plan to effectively pass a key to inheritors.

The Unchained Inheritance Protocol provides everything a client needs to discreetly ensure the succession of a key.