Where is my loan wallet configuration file and how do I download it?

Back up your external spend information to ensure you can always recover your funds

  1. Sign in to your Unchained dashboard.
  2. Click Loans and navigate to the proper loan in the Unchained dashboard.
  3. Click View wallet history and then View details.
  4. Click Download wallet configuration and store the downloaded file in a secure place (e.g., your password manager). More details here.

Tip: While we do recommend storing this file in a safe place, rest assured that it does not by itself give someone who discovers it the ability to spend bitcoin. A thief would need both your multisig config file and two keys to make a transaction. The multisig config file will, however, reveal your account balances and transaction history.

Steps for Coldcard users

  1. Open your loan account page.
  2. Click Show More in the upper-left tile and then click Coldcard configuration.
  3. Save the wallet config file to a secure place (e.g., your password manager). More details here.
  4. Import the file into your Coldcard as shown in the image below.
  5. Once your new configuration file has been saved and imported, your can safely delete your old configuration file.
  6. Finally, also download and secure the wallet config file by clicking Show More in the upper-left tile and then External recovery info.
Coldcard Configuration File