How do I set up my Unchained IRA business account?

You'll need to follow the steps in this guide carefully to set up a business account for your Unchained IRA.

Submit a tier 2 + tier 3 business profile

Caution: The following steps are specific to IRA account creation and must be followed exactly as outlined below.

  1. Navigate to and select Business Account.
  2. What is your location: enter your country and state.
  3. Available in your location: click Continue.
  4. Nickname: enter any descriptive name for your IRA entity, e.g., "[Your Name] IRA".
  5. You'll be presented with three options for a business account. Select Basic Business and click Next.
  6. Bank account information: enter your personal bank information, including bank name, routing number, account number, and select whether it is a checking or savings account.
  7. Add Members: click Skip this step.
  8. At this point, you'll be taken to a tier 2 details page. Under "Business Type", select Other from the dropdown, and under "Type" enter "Trust".
  9. Legal name:

    The legal name will be formatted as follows —“Solera National Bank FBO [Customer Name] [Traditional or Roth] IRA” 

    If you are rolling over an Inherited IRA, the legal name will be as follows - "Solera National Bank FBO [Decedent Name] [Traditional or Roth] IRA, [Living Customer Name], Beneficiary"
    1. Customer Name: your first and last name
    2. Traditional/Roth: indicate whether this is a Traditional or Roth IRA. that you are rolling over.
    3. Please do not include brackets, quotes, or any excess punctuation in your entity's legal name. The entry should include text only. 
  10. Purpose: enter "IRA Investments".
  11. EIN: enter “12-3456789”.
  12. Incorporation Details:
    1. Location: Colorado
    2. When was your business incorporated: July 23, 2007
  13. Business Address
    1. Line 1: 319 S. Sheridan Blvd
    2. City: Lakewood
    3. State: CO
    4. ZIP: 80226
    5. Do not select “Use a separate registered address”.
  14. Incorporation Documents:
    1. Articles of Incorporation: upload the signed Tri-Party DocuSign agreement.
    2. Proof of Business Address: upload the Tri-Party DocuSign agreement (again).
    3. Certificate of Good Standing: leave empty.
  15. Principals: click Add Principal, then enter details as follows:
    1. First and last name: enter your name.
    2. Title: enter "IRA Beneficial Owner”.
  16. Date of Birth: enter your date of birth.
  17. Home Address: enter your home address. Do not select “Use a separate registered address”.
  18. Identification: upload your driver’s license or passport.
  19. Principal Profile Summary: verify the information displayed is correct and click Submit.
  20. Principals: click Next.
  21. Submit Profile Data: Review the submitted information to verify it is correct and click Submit.

    You'll be taken to a "Success!" screen. You should click Continue and immediately proceed to submit a tier 3 profile.

  22. At, click Start Tier 3 Profile.
  23. Principals: click on the gray pencil icon to the right of “Pending”.
  24. Social Security Number: enter your SSN, excluding dashes.
  25. Income
    1. Annual income: select your annual income range, accounting for salary and any other forms of income you receive, e.g., dividends.
    2. Income sources: describe your sources of income.
  26. Bitcoin Holdings: enter an applicable range.
  27. Sources of Bitcoin: select all that apply.
  28. Traditional Assets
    1. Net worth: enter an applicable range.
    2. Tradition asset sources: describe your sources of assets.

    You did it! You can click Complete or close your browser. We will review your tier 2 and tier 3 profiles and notify you when they are approved.