How do I create a personal account?

Complete your profile to access our trading desk, loans, and Unchained IRA.

Tip: We have separate guides for setting up different accounts:

How to start your basic Unchained profile:

  1. Navigate to the account creation page.
    • Alternatively, you can start the process via the Unchained mobile app, but you'll need to use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the process and upload keys.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your information:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Home Address
    • Phone Number
    • Photo Identification
  3. Review the provided information and Submit to complete your basic profile.
  4. Account types: If you also intend to create an IRA, business, or trust account, select the applicable accounts and click Continue.

    Complete your personal account

  5. SSN: Enter your government-issued social security number. If you do not wish to give us this information at this point, you can skip this step and provide it later down the line.
  6. Concierge onboarding: You can get help with your vault setup or do it yourself. Our expert Concierge onboarding team can set you up in no time and help educate you in the process. 
  7. If you select the concierge onboarding:
    1. Select the number of devices you need us to ship you. Note that you need two devices to create a vault with Unchained. 
    2. Review your add-on and prices and complete your payment.
  8. You are now done with your basic account setup! You can follow our do-it-yourself guide to building a vault or wait for your Concieige Onboarding call.

Tip: We recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased account security.