Instructions to create an Individual Account

You can build a personal vault for your non-IRA bitcoin using the same two devices that you use for your IRA vault, at no extra cost. As a heads up, you will need to go through the Tier 2 application a second time.

How to add a personal vault to your Unchained profile:

  1. Navigate to and select Individual Account
  2. What is your location?: Select your Country and State
  3. The following page shows the financial services available in your state. 
  4. Your Name: Enter your name. 
  5. Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth.
  6. Home Address: Enter your home address. 
  7. Identification: Upload a valid driver’s license, passport, or other proof of residency. 
  8. Submit Profile Data: Review the provided information and Submit. 

Once we review your Tier 2 profile and you’re approved, you will be able to build your personal vault, at no extra cost. If you’ve ordered the Concierge Onboarding service, we are happy to help you build your personal vault during that meeting, at the same time we help you build your IRA vault. You can use the same two hardware wallets for both vaults. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions.