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Can I import my vault into third-party wallets?

Yes, but Unchained can only provide support for Caravan.

Unchained developed Caravan for external recovery and published a complete guide on how to recover your vault using Caravan. To use Caravan or other wallets, you must download your wallet configuration file.

Unchained vaults use the P2SH address type at the m/45' derivation path. Third-party wallets must be compatible with this address type to import your vault.

Compatible open-source wallet software:

Your wallet configuration file and key information can be uploaded to the software listed below.  

  • Caravan
  • Sparrow
  • Electrum

Viewing your vault balance on your smartphone:

You can sign into your Unchained account through a browser on your smartphone or tablet. We do not officially support any mobile wallets at this time.

Caution: Unchained can not provide technical support for third-party wallets. Always use caution and do your own research before uploading your wallet configuration file.