How do I set up a Coldcard MK4?

Use the Coldcard device to generate an offline bitcoin key securely .

Please follow our video guide to set up the Coldcard properly, according to best practices!

What you'll need

  • Your Coldcard hardware wallet
  • One of the following USB power sources for your Coldcard:
    • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your Coldcard
    • A portable battery or wall adapter with a USB port
    • A “Coldpower” 9v battery adapter
  • A pen to write down your seed phrase

Tip: The Coinkite website also has a written guide that you might find helpful while setting up your Coldcard.

Video Guide

Here is a written summary of the steps:

  1. Plug in your Coldcard to a power source.
  2. Agree to the Terms of Sale and confirm the Coldcard’s serial number.
  3. Select Choose PIN Code, read the warnings, and create a PIN.
    • Note: The PIN comes in two parts: a prefix and a suffix. If using a six-digit PIN, add three digits to the prefix and three to the suffix.
  4. Choose New seed words if you’re generating a new seed phrase or pick Import Existing if you’re recovering from an existing seed phrase.
  5. Select either 24 Word (default) or 12 Word options. We don’t recommend the “dice roll” options unless you’re an advanced user.
  6. Physically write your seed phrase backup on the included booklet. 
  7. Take the quiz on the Coldcard to verify your backup.

You’re done! You can now add this key to your Unchained account. Or, if you have chosen to set up your Coldcard before a Concierge Onboarding, this is a great point to stop and wait for your onboarding call.

Caution: Losing your hardware wallet or seed phrase backup could compromise this key and put your bitcoin at risk. Follow our security best practices to store your key safely.