How should I secure my keys and seed phrases?

Here are some resources for practicing operational security (opsec).

Your Unchained vault is an exercise in extreme ownership.  You have the ultimate responsibility for the safety of your keys. This guide will suggest some best practices for storing your hardware wallets and seed phrases.

You can also watch our operational security webinar for a full description of these steps.

Caution: Failure to properly secure your keys may result in loss of funds if your keys get lost or stolen. Unchained Capital is not liable for a client’s lost keys.

1. Write down your seed phrases on paper or metal.

Never store your seed phrase digitally. You can also purchase kits to store your seed phrase in metal, but never share your seed words with a third-party engraver or trophy shop.

2. Geographically distribute your hardware wallets and seed phrases. 

Never store all of your hardware wallets and seed phrases in the same location. You can use a second home, safety deposit box, secure office, locked storage unit, or trusted family member’s safe.

3. Protect your hardware wallets with a PIN.

We recommend memorizing your PIN, but you should also write it down and store it with your seed phrase – not with the hardware wallet.  

4. Contact us for Concierge Onboarding or to perform a security review.

New clients can enroll in Concierge Onboarding, where a member of our team will guide you through your key setup, vault creation, and operational security.

Existing clients who have any questions about account or key security can schedule a Premium Support session for a personalized security review.