What is a key check and how do I perform one?

Key checks are regular check-ins for each key that is part of your multisig vault or loan. We request that you sign in to your account at least once every 90 days and sign a transaction verifying that you still own the key.

If you skip this 90-day check,

  • You can still deposit and withdraw as normal
  • Your account and funds are not at risk
  • Unchained can never access your bitcoin, nor can Unchained ever prevent you from accessing your bitcoin.

For our clients’ security, we do not allow new vaults or loans to be created with unchecked keys until a key check has been completed.

How to perform a key check in your Unchained account

  1. Log in to your Unchained account.
  2. Navigate to the Keys page to see a full list of keys and their status.
  3. If you see This key cannot be used, that means you need to perform a key check for this key. Click View.
  4. Click Check Now.
  5. Choose the proper hardware wallet manufacturer, and follow the prompts to export your public key.
  6. Success! You’re done.