Why isn't my Ledger connecting to my computer?

There are many possible reasons for your Ledger not connecting. Try troubleshooting these issues.

Note: We have guides addressing the "root fingerprint" and “unknown device” errors.

Possible issues for Ledger

There are many possible reasons you may be experiencing an error when trying to perform a key check. Consider the following issues, in order from most common to least.

  • You may be using your Ledger without unlocking it first. Enter your PIN and select the “Bitcoin” app. The Ledger should say, “Bitcoin is ready.”
  • Your browser may block the connection or be incompatible. Use one of our supported browsers.
    • If using Google Chrome, you should allow unchained.com to send pop-ups in your pop-up settings.
    • If using Firefox, change your security settings to custom and turn everything off (unchecked), including the Block pop-up windows and Block dangerous and deceptive content options.
    • If using Brave Browser, turn off your Brave Shields.
  • You may need to give your browser permission to connect. Look for a notification box in the corner of your browser window.
  • Your browser may show an error that your Ledger is not compatible. You can drag the error box to the side and proceed as normal.
  • Ledger may not connect when using a browser in incognito or private mode. Use a default browser window.
  • Your cable might not be connected properly. Ensure the connection on both ends of the cable is connected correctly.
  • The USB port on your computer may be faulty. Try plugging into a different port.
  • You may have a faulty USB cable. Try a different USB cable.
  • Adblock software may be blocking the Ledger. Disable your adblocker.
  • Outdated firmware can cause connection issues. Update firmware for both the Ledger and the Bitcoin (BTC) app. (Make sure you have your seeds before performing any updates)