Why isn't my Trezor connecting to my computer?

There are many possible reasons for your Trezor not connecting. Try troubleshooting these issues.

Note: We have a guide addressing the "root fingerprint" error.

Possible issues for Trezor

You may experience an error or infinitely loading screen when trying to connect your Trezor. Consider the following issues, in order from most common to least.

  • If you’re using a Trezor Model T, you may be using your device without unlocking it first. Tap the screen to enter your PIN.
  • You may not have the appropriate software installed.  Open up the Trezor Suite app or install Trezor Bridge.
  • Your browser may block the connection or be incompatible. Use one of our supported browsers.
    • If using Google Chrome, allow unchained.com to send pop-ups in your pop-up settings. Also enable third-party cookies in your cookies settings.
    • If using Firefox, change your security settings to custom and turn everything off (unchecked), including the Block pop-up windows and Block dangerous and deceptive content options.
    • If using Brave Browser, turn off your Brave Shields. Also enable third-party cookies in your cookies settings.
  • Trezor may not connect when using a browser in incognito or private mode. Use a default browser window.
  • Your cable might not be connected properly. Ensure the connection on both ends of the cable is connected correctly.
  • The USB port on your computer may be faulty. Try plugging into a different port.
  • You may have a faulty USB cable. Try a different USB cable.
  • Adblock software may be blocking the Trezor. Disable your adblocker.
  • Outdated firmware can cause connection issues. Update firmware on the hardware wallet. (Make sure you have your seeds before performing any updates) 
  • Restart your entire computer and try again.