How do I set up a Ledger?

Use the Ledger Live desktop program to securely generate an offline bitcoin key.

Setting up your Ledger will only take a few minutes. Please follow our video guide to set up the ledger properly, according to best practices!

What you'll need

  • Your Ledger hardware wallet with its USB cord
  • A PC or Mac with USB ports to connect your hardware wallet
  • A pen to write down your seed phrase

Tip: These steps also apply to the Ledger Nano X, which uses the same two-button navigation.

Video Guide

Here is a written summary of the steps:

  1. Download and install Ledger Live on your computer.
  2. Open the Live program and plug in your Ledger.
  3. Choose Set up as a new device by clicking both buttons together.
  4. Set a PIN code of your choice for your Ledger.
  5. Repeat the PIN for confirmation.
  6. Write down your recovery phrase into your seed phrase booklet that came with your Ledger. You must write them down in order and spell each word correctly. The words are not case-sensitive.
  7. Complete a short quiz on your written words. Use the left and right buttons to see all the word options. Click both buttons together to confirm your word choice.
  8. Use Ledger Live to download the Bitcoin app.
    1. Open the Ledger Live app on your computer and select the correct device.
    2. Select Connect your Nano and complete the firmware check.
    3. Update firmware (if applicable) by clicking the option on the orange bar.
    4. Click My Ledger, then App Catalog, and Install under the Bitcoin (BTC) option.

You're done! It is safe to unplug your Ledger at any time. Repeat these steps for a second Ledger if you plan to use another one for your Unchained Vault. 

Caution: Losing your hardware wallet or seed phrase backup could compromise this key and put your bitcoin at risk. Follow our security best practices to store your key safely.

You may now add the Ledger key to your Unchained account. Or, if you have chosen to set up your Ledgers before a Concierge Onboarding, this is a great point to stop and wait for your onboarding call.