What steps should I take after building an Unchained vault?

Learn best practices for securing your keys, managing your account, and getting support.

You have ultimate responsibility for the security of your keys. If your keys are lost or stolen, Unchained may be unable to help you recover your funds. However, we have many security features built into your Unchained account and publish resources to guide you on your journey.

Caution: Failure to properly secure your keys may result in loss of funds if your keys get lost or stolen. Unchained is not liable for a client’s lost keys.

Geographically distribute your hardware wallets and seed phrases.

Store all of your hardware wallets and seed phrases in different locations. Getting at least one hardware wallet or seed phrase outside of the house is vital. This step protects against disasters like fires, floods, and theft.

You can use a second home, secure office, locked storage unit, trusted family member's safe, or safe deposit box. Most bank branches offer safe deposit boxes, and some banks don't even require that you have an account with them to rent a box.

If you're keeping one or more keys at home, use a lockbox secured with a code, combination, or physical key. Fireproof and watertight lockboxes are best. You can also use so-called "diversion boxes" disguised as everyday objects like books, flower pots, or wall clocks.

Enable security features in your Unchained account.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security by requiring a unique code generated by your smartphone. The code is required during sign-in and helps prevent unauthorized access, even if someone knows your password.

You can also record a baseline video to assist with identity and intent verification, which is useful when performing sensitive actions like key replacements and 2FA resets.

Download and store your wallet configuration file.

Each vault you build has a wallet configuration file, which can help you access your bitcoin outside your Unchained account if needed. Learn how to find it and how to recover your vault through Caravan in an emergency.

Further your bitcoin education and confidence.

The Unchained blog has many great articles to learn more about how bitcoin works and how to think through managing your bitcoin. Examples include:

Unchained also has a YouTube channel that contains video guides and educational material on select topics.

Learn how to get support when you need it.

You are reading this text within our Knowledge Base, which has explanations and guides to help you through the most common questions!

If you'd like a dedicated, one-on-one video appointment with a technical expert to get support, you can sign up for Premium Support.

You can get dedicated account management, on-site emergency support, and access to exclusive events by signing up for Unchained Signature.