What support options are available at Unchained?

Unchained provides unrivaled levels of support for your bitcoin security.

Here at Unchained Capital, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service for all of our clients. We surround you with an ‘atomic unit’ of support to ensure you have absolute confidence in your bitcoin security.

Who should I contact and when?

Knowledge base

If you have a question or a non-urgent issue with your account, search our knowledge base to see if your question has already been answered. We have a lot of articles and videos that may help you to resolve your problem immediately.

Client services

If you have any general or technical issues with your account, contact Client Services, who will be able to help resolve most issues.

Email: help@unchained.com

Telephone: +1-844-486-2424


Our Concierge team provide expert guidance on bitcoin multisig setup and operation. They help you get started with your vault during Concierge Onboarding, and are on hand for one-to-one guidance on performing sensitive tasks if you are signed up to our Concierge Client service (more on this below).

Learn more about Concierge Onboarding

Client Solutions

If you are a vault client and are considering taking advantage of our bitcoin wealth services—such as our trading desk, bitcoin-backed loans, or bitcoin retirement accounts—contact Client Solutions to learn more.

Email: clientsolutions@unchained.com

Premium Support

Premium Support (formerly Concierge Client) provides access to dedicated one-to-one video calls to handle sensitive vault tasks.

You can purchase Premium Support sessions for single issues or on an annual subscription for unlimited access plus priority support channels. 30 days of Premium Support is included with all Concierge Onboarding packages.