How to sell bitcoin through Unchained's trading desk

Follow these steps to complete a secure sale from your vault.

The trading desk enables you to quickly sell bitcoin directly from your Unchained vault through Telegram. Please confirm onboarding status prior to engaging with the trading desk. Additional requirements to execute a sale are:

  • Sign the Master Purchase Agreement (MPA).
  • Download Telegram and have an active account.

Note: We cannot process sales sent from third-party bitcoin wallets at this time.

Follow these steps to complete a bitcoin sale:

  1. Navigate to the Bank Details section of your Unchained account and ensure you have added the bank you would like your U.S. dollars sent to.
  2. Contact us via the trading desk Telegram channel.
  3. We will provide you an address to send your bitcoin to. Go to your vault in your account and click Withdraw to begin the send process. Enter the address we provided.
  4. Proceed with the send, but sign this transaction with only one key. Send us a message on Telegram confirming you have signed the transaction with one key.
  5. In Telegram, Unchained will confirm the transaction is being sent to the correct address and that the transaction is set up correctly.
  6. Sign the transaction with your second key to complete the transaction.
  7. After one confirmation, we will provide you a quote in the Telegram chat.
  8. Respond "accept" to confirm the price with us in Telegram. The quote is valid for 60 seconds. Our quotes do not include our trading fees.
  9. Our Operations team will send you a trade confirmation via email.
  10. That's it! We will wire your funds to the account provided in the Bank Details section of your account within two days.

Note: Our trading hours are 8:00 AM-4:00 PM CT, Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays). Our trade minimum is $50,000.