How do I create a multisig vault?

Sign up for an account, upload your keys, and create your vault.

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What you’ll need

To create an Unchained vault, you’ll need to prepare the following:

How to create an Unchained multisig vault

You can find the exhaustive version of the below step-by-step guide, including screenshots and more information, on the Unchained blog.

You can also follow the abridged steps below to first upload your two wallet keys, create your own vault, and then properly back up your multisig wallet configuration file.

Upload your two wallet keys

  1. Create an Unchained account and complete the basic profile requirements.
  2. Select the guide corresponding to your keys and follow the instructions:

Create an Unchained vault

  1. Navigate to the Vaults page in your Unchained account and click Create a New Vault.
  2. Name your vault and select the two keys you uploaded to your Unchained account earlier.
  3. Review your vault, and click Create.
  4. Visit our next guide: What steps should I take after building an Unchained vault? We cover key management, account security, and support options.

At the end of this process, you should now have two hardware devices and two backup seed phrases with a fully-functional Unchained multisig vault. If any of that doesn't sound like you, we can help you make it happen with Concierge Onboarding.